10 ways to get quality links

We are all pretty much on the same page when we say that SEO is organic and that you want to naturally receive traffic from search engines. But how do we get those inbound links? When do they start flowing in? Do I get them myself? Where do I get them? Do I pay for them? Help….

Don’t fret. Here are a few tips that will hopefully put your mind at ease:

  1. Links will and should come naturally. Organic linksĀ  are when someone likes your content enough to link to it.
  2. Quality content naturally draws quality links. The more quality content the more those links will come in. Keep writing.
  3. Create viral content (aka. link bait), often this will be free or offered without having to sign up for it… something helpful to your readers.
  4. Don’t always be too serious, offer something fun or cool (as relevant to your business).
  5. Have a tool on your site or a widget of sorts that will inspire others to share that information.
  6. Have your partners, supporters or other networks link to you (not necessarily always in exchange but because they want to help promote you).
  7. Create quality profiles. Don’t just create accounts that never get used, but set up profiles where you will actually be and remain active in a community.
  8. Add yourself to quality directories like the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ.org (a few times when it will be okay to have paid links)
  9. …which reminds me, don’t pay someone to get you a ton of links and don’t add your site to link farms.
  10. Actively share your content and that of others, links will flow naturally from there as well.

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