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Vote T-Shirts

Looking at this website that sells Vote T-Shirts, I realized that SEO has a lot to do with voting. In fact, it’s a lot like wearing a vote t-shirt.

The fact is that the search engine algorithms are really based on principles much like voting and elections. An election should declare a winner based on the candidate that gets the most votes. Well, another name for this could be popularity or frequency or even density (using some poetic thinking). Good SEO involves all of this. Put another way, a well SEOed page or site has a lot of votes. Lets look into this a little more.

Starting with popularity, it’s no secret that a part of any good SEO campaign is linking. Internal and inbound linking are important. Generally speaking, the more inbound links you have to your site, the better you will rank in the SERPS. So, if you consider each inbound link something like a vote, you’ll understand part of how Google and the other search engines evaluate your site.

Now, lets talk about super delegates. Yes, the search engines came up with something like that too. Not all links are created equal. You want links from great sites and you want links from sites and pages that are focused on the same keyword that you are targeting. Super delegates are trusted by a party to choose the right candidate because they are recognized as connected and knowledgeable. If your links come from well ranked sites and sites that are relevant to the terms you are targeting, then the links will help your search ranking even more.

Internal links can also be compared to super delegates. The search engines want to know which page on your site is about which term. So, the text in your internal links is important. Here, you can consider your internal links to be much like super delegates. They’re already going to vote for someone in the party – or on your site – the question is simply which page?

Keyword density is simply how often a keyword appears on a page. Density is like polling where 600 people are asked who they will be voting for. a good keyword density for any term on a page will tell the search engines the topic or keyword that the page is about.

Vote T-Shirts tell everyone to vote and if you pick the right color, tell everyone which party you support. You can’t hide from the content on your page (unless you’re trying to cheat). Much like wearing your party’s colors, you have to show the world your content and let them, and the search engines, read it.

So, make sure you’re going to vote. Buy a Vote T-Shirt. Lastly, remember that search engine developers took a lesson or two from the founders of democracy.

Real Estate SEO, why you get it

Real Estate Professionals understand the value of Real Estate SEO and I’m going to tell you why. Real Estate agents know, better than almost anyone else, the value of a location, ownership, investment, and traffic. Let’s examine how each of these impacts Real Estate and Real Estate SEO.

  • The first 3 rules of real estate are – let’s all say it out loud together, shall we – Location! Location! Location. The same holds true for SEO and therefore it’s true for real estate SEO. There’s real value to being on page 1 in the major search engines and you’re not going to get there without great Real Estate SEO.
  • Owning is better than renting. When you rent, you pay someone else to be where you are. When you own, it’s yours and your investment gets better the longer you own. Real Estate SEO works the same way. You need to spend some money to float your site to the top of the search engines. Once you’re there, you will reap the benefits of your new location, hopefully on page 1.
  • Still is will take an investment into Real Estate SEO. Real Estate agents know the value of investing and the smartest long term investment that a real estate agent can make into marketing is real estate SEO. This is the kind of investment that pays off over and over again. The sooner you invest in real estate seo, the better off you will be and the more you’ll gain from the traffic that your placement in the search engines generates.
  • And traffic! This is why you invest in real estate seo! you want to generate more site traffic so that your great real estate website can generate buyer and seller leads and so that you can do more deals. The entire chain of events starts with real estate SEO. Agents know that in order to sell a home, you need buyer traffic at showings, open houses, broker lunches, etc. Well, in order to get more traffic to your real estate website, SEO is the answer. They key in the right terms, your real estate site comes up, and the user clicks. It’s really pretty simple.

If you are a real estate professional in the market for real estate seo, go with what you’ve always known.

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