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Boston Logic – Top 1% for Twitter Followers

If you’re one of the hundreds of people who follow us on Twitter, know that you’re not alone. Based on statistics just published yesterday, Boston Logic is among the most followed on twitter. Fewer than 1% of Twitter users have more than 500 followers. If you’re reading this on Twitter, you’re one of more than 1700 and counting! This is a great article by Robert Moore.

Like most web applications, a large percentage of Twitter’s users don’t do anything. Lots of them don’t follow anyone and don’t tweet at all. Less than 25% of twitter’s users make up probably 99% of the activity on the site.Twitter for real estate

But that’s OK. Twitter has over 50,000,000 users. The laws of large numbers tell us that a small piece of a big pie is still a lot of pie! So, if you can get out there and grab some more followers, the odds are some percentage of them will be active.

In fact, I’m going to assume that only 10 or 20% of our followers will actually read this blog post when it’s syndicated as a tweet (this happens automatically via rss). But that still means that over 300 people will read the tweet and a few of them will click to this post and read more. The tweet will only be 140 characters.  So, this very sentence will not find it’s way onto twitter. Only the first 2 or 3 sentences of this post will. Some of our growing follower base will then click through. And that’s all we want.

If you found us through twitter, let us know!

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