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Another SEO Myth

The other day, a fellow submitted the following to one of our websites:

My name is Phillip R***** and I am representing interested parties looking to unload some top-level real estate .com domains. Here are some examples of these domains available:

These domains, because of their keyword rich nature, will surely send an optimized website to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which can save you a tremendous amount of time and money in the optimization process.

Should you or a client be interested in purchasing or leasing any of these domains – or would like to inquire about additional domains we have available to us, please contact me at via email at

Wow, that’s just completely wrong! The fact is that your web address does not affect your Google ranking at all. Google Doesn’t really care if your URL is or or anything else. Google cares about the content on your site, how new it is, and how many other people think it’s great.

Now, a good URL can be helpful. If you were doing a search, would you click on a website with an unfamiliar name, or would you click on a website that has your search term in it? ex. if you were looking for Newport real estate, would you click on or

So, there is some value in a good URL, but don’t get carried away. Having the right URL doesn’t vault you to the top of the search engine results pages.

One last note: A lot of folks think it’s just SO HARD to find a web address that’s not taken. They search sites like for an available domain name in vain. Well, we help clients do this all the time. Most of the time, clients are just so frustrated that the names they come up with are taken. Well, in most markets, the marquis names are taken. You’re just going to have to get a little creative.

LogicClassroom Session on SEM 101

Thank you to everyone who came to our latest LogicClassroom session on Search Engine Marketing 101!  We explored the basics of SEM, including search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.  We learned how these tactics help you bring traffic to your site from the major search engines.

Don’t worry if you missed this LogicClassroom session, you can view the slides below at your convenience. Enjoy!

Our next LogicClassroom will be on 3/9/10. Learn how agents and brokers can create effective and engaging email marketing. Please email Katrina if you would like to attend.

Boston Logic is Hiring a Marketing Associate

If you are a proven SEO with solid search engine marketing performance to back it up, we want to hire you. We are looking for a Search Engine Marketing Superstar to join our team.

Boston Logic is a fast growing company with clients throughout the country. Our culture has a fun, energetic feel, but we are intensely busy and maintain a professional, dedicated working environment. Our employees embody an entrepreneurial, independent, passionate nature and a work hard/play hard attitude. The desire to be a part of the development and success of a growing company is a requirement for this position.


The Search Engine Marketing Specialist will work with clients and Boston Logic staff to manage and develop online marketing initiatives for our clients. These campaigns leverage a mix of marketing and technology strategy and implementation. The Search Engine Marketing Specialist will be responsible for the planning and execution of campaigns involving Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click management, and email marketing campaign design, implementation, and tracking. You will be expected to produce results.


Preferred skill set and experience:
* Hands on knowledge of search engine optimization best practices
* Demonstrated performance in achieving prominent search engine ranking for multiple websites
* Experience working and communicating directly with clients
* Results oriented online marketing experience and an understanding of analytics and performance tracking techniques
* Working knowledge of pay-per-click advertising systems including Adwords and Overture. Google Adwords Qualified is a plus!
* Understanding of search engine marketing strategy
* Experience with industry standard analytics packages and metrics
* Working knowledge of social media platforms and strategy
* Email marketing experience is a plus
* Strong writing skills are a requirement

You should have experience interacting with clients and effectively communicating with several parties to achieve results. You should have 2+ years of demonstrated success in an internet marketing role. Knowledge of search engine marketing, pay per click, email marketing, web analytics and market intelligence are must haves. The ideal candidate will not only have strong technical skills, but also demonstrate superior client interaction, communication, and time management capabilities. Experience in real estate is also helpful.

Interested candidates may submit their resume to:

1 Million fans in 10 days

Just a few days ago, an organization created a challenge. The goal was to get 1,000,000 people to be their fan on Facebook. The results are truly spectacular. How did they do it. It was actually pretty simple. The key was that they gave instructions:

1) Click “Join”
2) Click “Invite People to Join” to the left
3) Invite all your friends.

Here were the results:

Day 1: 987 members.

Exponential Fan Growth!
Exponential Fan Growth!

Day 2: 2,191.
Day 3: 5,175
Day 4: 8,798
Day 5: 17,408
Day 6: 38,852
Day 7: 105,119
Day 8: 202,262
Day 9: 508,726 members!

It looks like by the end of today they’ll have their 1 million fans.

Now, this is a group that supports same sex marriage. They produced a huge amount of awareness in just a week and a half. You might have heard about another group, supporting the fight against breast cancer, who encouraged women to post the color of their bra on a particular day. Millions of women were simply posting a color as their status update. Black. White. Blue. The results were incredible.

The other factor here that should not be overlooked is Cause Marketing. Lots of folks are passionate about same sex marriage. Millions of us would love to see a way to cure or prevent beast cancer. If you’re in a for profit enterprise, there are ways to get the same zeal behind your brand. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Work with an organization. Think of how you can be carried along with the cause. RE/MAX is doing some good work with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, just as an example.
  2. Create something that people want to be a part of. It doesn’t have to be a cause. It could be a conversation group. Could be a place where bragging goes on. it could be a trend that people want to be a part of, just make sure your company is associated with whatever you create.
  3. Make it a challenge. These folks said “I bet we can get 1 million fans in 10 days.” And people took this on as a challenge.

Final note: Look at those numbers above. They’re experiencing exponential growth. they started with 1000 people and grew by 2x or 3x every day. Just remember, they started with 1000. Now, I have a few hundred facebook friends and so do most of the folks I know. If this sounds impossible to you, think again.

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