A must-have free tool that’s available to you now

If you have not registered your site and/or blog with Google Webmaster Tools, then do it now (well, preferably after you read this). The Google Webmaster Tool is available to you for FREE. It provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google, and registration is simple, just follow the steps. You’re one click away

I find this tool particularly helpful when starting SEO on new site. It shows you a lot about your site, which you otherwise would not be able to track and it helps troubleshoot. It’s like your very own personal web-assistant. Love it!

Truly, at some point you want to take the time to look at everything and familiarize yourself with what it has to offer, but for now here are my top 3 that you must review and use:

1. Content Analysis: This section is under “Diagnostics”. We all know that Meta tags are an important component of a well optimized site. The “content analysis” will give you an outline of any issues that Google may come across while crawling your site. You especially want to make sure that you have no duplicate information. If you have duplicate information (by choice?) then you might as well not have any.

2. What Google bot sees: This section is under “Statistics”. Another fundamental to SEO are “links”. Within the section of “external links to your site” you can track what text is being used within links to your site. If you have any control over the link building strategy I suggest that you ensure that your inbound link text includes your company name and/or mention of your targeted key terms rather than the old favorite “click here”. Depending on what you find within this section you may have do some additional clean up, but at least now you know.

3. Sitemaps: Your website should have a sitemap! A .xml sitemap and a public sitemap. This part of the tool allows you to submit your sitemap directly to Google and if necessary also resubmit it (whereby you give Google a polite nudge). Particularly for Real Estate SEO you want to make sure that you have a dynamically built sitemap which updates on a regular basis to include your most current property listings. Trust, this will tremendously help the number of pages that get indexed in Google.

Like I said, you want to take full advantage of everything Webmaster Tools has to offer, and when you get a chance also take a glance at their blog.

As always give us a shout if you have any questions or need help improving your SEO strategies.

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