QR Codes for Real Estate

With the increasing use of “instant” devices, it’s no surprise that yet another tool in line with IMs and texting has emerged. This new tool is the “Quick Response”, or QR code. We recently had a client incorporate QR codes into their listings on their real estate website design, and we wanted to write up a quick post on what exactly QR codes are, and how they can be applied to real estate marketing.

How do QR codes work? Currently, a person with a cellphone with QR enabled code-reader software can take a picture of a QR code on their phone, and will be taken to the website for that QR code. Pretty cool, huh?

In order to benefit from the codes, the target customer must have a web-enabled phone: a trend that is becoming more common and continues to increase as time passes. Then the user can take a picture of the QR code, and be brought to the specific cellphone-optimized web page that the company’s web marketer wants them to see. These codes can also be anywhere – they are in print ads, brochures, outdoor advertising, etc.

For a retail example, Ralph Lauren is using QR codes to direct their buyers to a website for taking clothing orders directly from their phones. That’s great, but how can we use this tool in real estate?

There’s actually some innovative marketing going on in the real estate field. One example is having QR Code Lawn Signs, which not only has a very high “cool factor”, but also give the potential lead easy access to a real estate website with color photos and full detail listing information. You also do not have to have the sign at the home for sale: you could place to code anywhere, such as in at a local home show or open house – and your website listing will get traffic .Remember, you can also have a code for your personal website as well by placing it in your advertisements or business cards.

So let’s put on our real estate internet marketing caps and think about the business potential.  The number of users that will have phones capable of using the codes will jump dramatically in the next year or so, and many businesses could see more targeted traffic to custom listing sites from the QR codes. Start to consider now whether creating a QR code plan would work best for you, your business, and your potentials.

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4 Responses to “QR Codes for Real Estate”

  • Erik Goldhar says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you very much for mentioning Clikbrix in your post. Obviously we agree that QR Codes are a perfect fit for the Real Estate Vertical.

    If possible, I wanted to add a few point that I think will help your readers out as they research a QR Code solution:

    1. A QR Code MUST point to a mobile website otherwise the user experience will be less than adequate. The mobile website should be built to work across platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. The problem with the Free QR Code generators is just that – they are code generators but not Mobile Web or Turnkey Solution providers.

    Agents and Brokers should also consider finding a supplier that can help them differentiate their QR Codes by personalizing them with branding. This will help to set their codes apart from the others in the marketplace and immediately convey a sense a trust with the person who is being asked to scan the QR Code. You can see an example here – http://clikbrix.com/customize-your-qr-code

    Finally, QR Codes are truly a “Green” technology. Agents and Brokers can dramatically reduce the amount of printing they do by utilizing QR Codes to their fullest potential. Of course, this will allow the Agent to market themselves as a “Green” friendly marketer further differentiating themselves in order to attract new clientele.

    We are only at the beginning of QR Codes and the Mobile Web for Real Estate. Based on all of the blog posts that we have seen recently as well as the growth of our own Clikbrix solution we have no doubt that this will be a trend all Agents and Brokerages should keep an eye on in the near future.

    Thank you again for bringing awareness to this emerging space.


    Erik Goldhar
    Partner, Clikbrix.com

  • Kerry says:

    I’m from a company called Qonnect that provides QR solutions for real estate agencies on an enterprise level. This has been a great tool for agents, and we have been getting great responses. Great post!

  • Thanks for sharing that link, Steve. QR codes are great, indeed.

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