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Blogging is great from a marketing perspective. You’ll be leveraging the shift from outbound to inbound marketing and interacting with your clients and potential clients in a new way. A blog lets you meet your clients/customers more directly than sending out brochures or newsletters. It provides visitors with something to interact with and come back to. As a Realtor you have everything it takes to maintain a successful Real Estate Blog, because being effective in real estate blogging requires focus on your expertise – the Real Estate Market.

Thinking about putting together a blog? We recommend the following best practices for your Real Estate Blog:

· Update your Real Estate Blog with consistent and relevant Real Estate information. Incorporate statistics, relevant neighborhood, and town or city news. Focus on bits of information that will leverage your expertise in the area. And remember, keep it exciting to both you and your readers.

· Incorporating “keywords” is a good idea. Use them in your Title or Subject line and links if possible. But use them wisely, in a way that still makes your text enjoyable to read.

· Focus on similar topics, and use the same tags if at all possible. This is where the use of your keywords comes in handy. Nothing says expertise like writing multiple times on the same topic.

· Tell people about your blog. Get accounts with social networking sites like,,,,,, and spread the word. All of these will help you generate inbound links. They also rate and share your relevant blog posts.

· Find other Real Estate Professional Blogs and blog on their sites about exciting and leveraging, but real estate relevant topics. It will make people curious.

· Your blog should be updated on a regular basis. Weekly is enough.

· Feeling intimidated? Don’t be! Remember, things take time to catch on, so don’t get discouraged! The worst you can do is not getting started at all.

· Visit Boston Logic for more information on how we can help you leverage your web presence.

· Check out some great examples of well maintained, and professional Real Estate Blogs, Warren Residential Group Blog, and The Boston Home Team Blog.

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  • Will Brokhof says:

    Blogging was pretty hard work to begin with but with the help of the professionals at Boston Logic, the learning curve was small and I was cranking out content right away. Learning how to work the back end of the WordPress dashboard was challenging – but once you learn what is going on you can concentrate on the journalistic side of blogging. It’s fun to see what headlines are going to stir up your readers and get traffic and ideally comments. Thanks for all the help BL!

  • Carrie Dawson says:

    Nice blog post hope to read more of your articles!
    Thanks for the info.

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