Real Estate SEO and Content Development, the Never Ending Struggle

Real Estate SEO and Real Estate Marketing present content development challenges. Let’s face them head on.

We’ve written about 100 posts on real estate SEO, how content is king and how this can help your real estate marketing campaign online. I’m not going to tell you again, how important it is. You know by now.

We’re also aware that we’re presenting what can be a daunting SEO task. It’s not always easy to come up with original stuff. But we don’t want to push this challenge under the rug. Instead, we’re going to help you overcome the obstacle. In fact, it’s not an obstacle at all.Content writing for SEO doesn't have to be daunting

If you’re running a good online real estate marketing campaign, you’re not just looking for ranking, you’re leveraging social media, you’re using email marketing, you’re probably investing in real estate SEO and probably real estate SEM too. Now, here’s the big secret. All of these will help you generate content.

Let’s examine each:

Social Media
Effectively leveraging social media requires a few things. First of all, your profile should be up to date. This might prompt you to also update your bio on your website. Freshening up the pages of your site on a regular basis will help maintain, if not improve, your SEO placement. Also, if you tweet, then you blog and this content can go right into your blog. You can also setup your blog to syndicate to Twitter via RSS.

Email Marketing
By definition, when you broadcast an email newsletter, you’re going to have to write some content. eNewsletters are an essential component of any real estate marketing campaign. So, make sure you’re writing them. When you do, take the content and post it on your site, maybe just make it a blog post. You’ve already done the hard work.

Leverage your team
Your team should already be motivated to work on your online marketing campaign. If you all pitch in, the work gets easier. I’m talking about more than just dividing up the work of writing new content, though this is a great idea. I’m talking about leveraging your SEO Army. Everyone in your office should be updating their profile, twittering, using Facebook, and yes, sometimes generating a blog post or two.

Believe it or not, the content in your PPC ads can be repurposed. The headlines and those 35 character ads are selling points. If you’re managing your own SEM, then think about expanding on what those attractive headlines actually mean to your business and especially your customer. If you wrote that content to attract users to click, you can use it in your site too. It makes for great headlines, call-outs, bullets, and more.

OK, I hope you’ve learned something. You are probably already generating the content you need to achieve great real estate SEO and boost your real estate marketing campaign. Now, all you need to do is put this all into practice.

If you have some ideas that I haven’t mentioned, pleasse leave a comment to share with our other readers. Thanks.

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