Real Estate SEO and IDX how to make it work

Let’s start with this, your site should have a property search on it. Many of you out there refer to this is an IDX. At Boston Logic, we simply call this a property search. Your search should include all of the properties in your MLS, if the bylaws allow this. This is because you want to show a user as many listings as you possibly can.

Now, the problem is that most “IDX” solutions don’t help your real estate seo. This is because lots of these search interfaces are placed into an iframe on your site. This means that the search is actually hosted on the vendor’s website and the search engines will not give your site the credit for this content. This will hurt your real estate SEO.

The other poor way of implementing a property search on your real estate website is to have the search be an external link. This happens as either a popup or a link to another site altogether. I’ve seen some real estate searches that create a “customized” page for you with the search underneath a header. This is all hosted at a sub domain such as The problem here is that again, the content is all on the vendor’s site and not yours. This isn’t helping your SEO.

The proper way to implement a property search on your real estate website is to have the data right on your site, in your pages, and implemented in a unique, effective, interactive way. You should also make sure that your site has an SEO friendly linking structure so that the search engines can spider the search results and property details pages. This is critical for good real estate SEO.

Even if you don’t have an IDX search on your site, you should make sure that the search engines are able to spider all of your pages. If you’re not sure whether or not the spiders are getting to your pages, look at the Google webmaster tools for your site. That’ll tell you how many unique pages Google has spidered on your site.

Your Real Estate SEO campaign will be vastly improved by investing in a real property search right on your site. If you’re unsure whether or not your property search is helping your seo, just post a comment and we’ll respond shortly. If you have any other questions about Real Estate SEO, send them along too. We love getting your questions and they make it easy for us to come up with tomorrow’s post!


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2 Responses to “Real Estate SEO and IDX how to make it work”

  • Adam says:

    thanks for the “dont do’s” but I dont see any information about which companies provide an SEO friendly IDX solution?

  • david says:

    Adam, Boston Logic, who owns this blog, offers some great and fully customizable idx solutions that are highly Search Engine Optimized.

    Overall, the goal is to find a solution that is part of the site, and not in a popup, iframe, or on another site altogether. The pages of the search should also be well coded and tagged, titled, and include the other elements associated with proper real estate seo. Lastly, the linking structure of the entire site is key.

    So, you can contact Boston Logic or just make sure that whomever you choose fits these criteria.


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