Real Estate Pay Per Click Advertising

Search engine marketing consists of paid and un-paid marketing. The paid portion is called PPC, or pay per click advertising. With PPC your ads run on search engines and you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. The most common form of PPC advertising is Google Adwords followed by the less popular Yahoo! Search Marketing.

There are many benefits to PPC such as a low entry cost (just a few cents), your ads show immediately, it is the quickest way to generate site traffic, you have complete budget control, and you can stop your campaign at any time. On the other hand, drawbacks to PPC advertising include perishable ads, some search engine users are wary of paid ads, and competitive terms can be pricey to bid on.

When creating a PPC campaign it is important to:

  1. Target the correct audience.
  2. Generate compelling ad copy.
  3. Choose relevant keywords.
  4. Set the proper bids (high enough to get good placement, but low enough that you don’t max out your daily budget too soon).
  5. Be able to interpret the statistics and optimize your campaign.

Pay per click advertising may seem like a simple concept, but something is to be said for being able to truly understand PPC and be able to generate the highest ROI. When entrusting a company to run your PPC advertising it is important to check their references, make sure they are experienced and employ Google Certified Adwords Professionals.