The Facts & Stats

Internet Marketing has undeniably swept the real estate industry and quickly.

In hindsight agents should have invested in real estate internet marketing in 1995 when only 2% of home buyers used the internet in their home search and it was easy to get high ranking in search engines. Internet users and advertiser competition has grown exponentially since then. It’s more important, now than ever, to have the right strategy and to use the best online marketing techniques. This is where Boston Logic shines!

We have helped Realtors around the country optimize their internet marketing strategy to produce more leads and more deals. In addition, we work with real estate offices so that their online marketing campaigns help to recruit more agents who produce!

We’re always happy to speak with a real estate company about their needs at no cost. We’ll give you an honest and impartial assessment of your current campaign and some high level suggestions for improvements. If this complementary consultation sounds like it would be valuable to your business, please contact us.