Top reasons why you should have your own blog

Are you one of those that thinks having your own blog is too much work and, well, what do I get from it anyway?

Here’s a list of reasons why you should have your own blog:

  • It’s good for Real Estate SEO.
  • Your blog should be part of your real estate website i.e.
  • Blogs offer great link bait.
  • Blogs attract visitors.
  • Blogs will help generate leads.
  • Having your blog as part of your own website (rather than only ActiveRain or Trulia) will give your site credit for inbound links.
  • Inbound links are of a huge value in calculating Google’s PageRank.
  • Blog posts will help your website rank for terms.
  • Whether hosted through a blog platform or part of your website’s CMS each new blog post/article acts as a new page to your website, which means it’s new content added, and thus a new page to be crawled by search engines.
  • You can write content and safe drafts and thus publish at a later date.
  • You can have multiple people write for you, or someone else all together if writing is not your thing.

To sum it up, blogging = more fresh (optimized and relevant) content = more inbound links. All of which = more relevant traffic = more sharing, commenting and more links, and finally LEADS.  Remember: Anything that you put quality time into will give you quality results. Individuals now more than ever are jearning for trust and thus will do their research prior to buying…what a better way than through you blog to present yourself and/or your company.

Happy Blogging.

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