SEO is dead who says?

If you haven’t noticed, lots of bloggers like to write sensational stuff. A few weeks ago, I read a blog post on Learn To Duck where the author claimed that, “SEO is dead.” He even went so far as to give it a life expectancy. I thought that was interesting. Then I realized he just wanted to be provocative. So, I kind of dismissed the headline as attention-seeking at it’s simplest.

Then, I realized that he was in fact contradicting himself. So, I feel this deserves some attention and I want to show you that there is a parallel here to the real estate market.

SEO is not dead. Let’s start there. Maybe I should have written that up at the top of this post. Real Estate SEO investments are sound and they will continue to yield a good ROI into the future.

Next, the real issue is that the author of the post says that PPC will always have value while SEO’s value will diminish. That’s just false. Here’s why.

Whether you’re focused on PPC or SEO, your goal is to get visitors to your site. The cost of a click or a visitor is pretty easy to quantify. Just look at what you’re paying Google or Yahoo for that click and you’ll know its value.

When you perform SEO, whether it’s for a real estate website or some other site, you’re trying to drive traffic to your site just as you are when you’re spending for PPC visitors. So, the value of the organic SEO is inseparable from the value of the paid click. In other words, so long as PPC has value SEO will have value also.

Now, I know some readers are going to argue that organic clicks and paid clicks carry different values. I’m not going to get into that for now. Yes, this can be true. This difference varies across industries and even terms. All else being equal, if customers are willing to pay for traffic, the value of real estate seo – and all SEO – will always be linked to the cost of a click.

Lastly, a little perspective on real estate SEO.  Real Estate agents know all about bidding. When PPC came onto the scene, a market for clicks and visitors was born. So, the bidding started and the price of clicks rose. This created the market for SEO professionals. Suddenly, getting traffic from a search engine had a defined price. So, it became apparent that companies should invest in SEO in order to pay less per click and get more site visitors overall. What I’m saying is that PPC caused SEO services to have value. If Google gave sponsored ads away for free, SEO would lose its value. So long as the charge for the clicks, there will be a market for real estate SEO and all SEO services.

In conclusion, SEO will be important to your real estate business and to most other companies for a very long time. Please don’t believe the hype.

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