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10 ways to get quality links

We are all pretty much on the same page when we say that SEO is organic and that you want to naturally receive traffic from search engines. But how do we get those inbound links? When do they start flowing in? Do I get them myself? Where do I get them? Do I pay for them? Help….

Don’t fret. Here are a few tips that will hopefully put your mind at ease:

  1. Links will and should come naturally. Organic links  are when someone likes your content enough to link to it.
  2. Quality content naturally draws quality links. The more quality content the more those links will come in. Keep writing.
  3. Create viral content (aka. link bait), often this will be free or offered without having to sign up for it… something helpful to your readers.
  4. Don’t always be too serious, offer something fun or cool (as relevant to your business).
  5. Have a tool on your site or a widget of sorts that will inspire others to share that information.
  6. Have your partners, supporters or other networks link to you (not necessarily always in exchange but because they want to help promote you).
  7. Create quality profiles. Don’t just create accounts that never get used, but set up profiles where you will actually be and remain active in a community.
  8. Add yourself to quality directories like the Yahoo! Directory and (a few times when it will be okay to have paid links)
  9. …which reminds me, don’t pay someone to get you a ton of links and don’t add your site to link farms.
  10. Actively share your content and that of others, links will flow naturally from there as well.

Real Estate SEO and Social Media, working together

How many ways do you think Social Media can contribute to good real estate SEO? Jot down a list and then compare it to mine. If I left off any major ones, please let me know. Here goes:

  1. Blogs are social media. Blogs only get read when there’s new content. New content helps your search engine placement.
  2. You can syndicate your content (let’s say from your blog) to social media sites. You could even feed your real estate listings, by RSS to your twitter and Facebook profiles.
  3. Many social media site pages are public. These pages are bound to have links back to your site. Linking will improve your SEO.
  4. Social bookmarking links on your site will produce back links from those sites (Digg, Reddit, Stumble, etc.) to your site. Again, these links will improve your SEO, your rank, and bring you more traffic and more leads. Remember real estate buyer and seller leads are the goal, not just ranking!
  5. Users spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media sites. The referral traffic will help you gain more visitors, more clients and sell more real estate.
  6. Promotions have more power with social media. Post a promotion on your site, edit your PPC ads accordingly to drive clicks, broadcast the promotion to your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and LinkedIn connections and watch your traffic spike.
  7. Remember that real estate SEO is about leads and customers. What you care about isn’t always ranking but leads and real estate transactions that come from those leads. Use your analytics system, like Google analytics,  to look at the social media sites that are driving traffic and leads to your site. My money says that you’ll see a good conversion rate on this traffic.
  8. Chatter on Facebook and Twitter can fuel your blog. Look at what the people are saying about your real estate market, your real estate business, even you as a real estate agent. You’re likely to get inspired and find a topic to blog about. Also, here’s another post about blogging inspiration that could be helpful.
  9. Social media is all about linking and showing the world what you’re up to. As a result, your friends and followers are likely to check out the stuff that you’re pointing them to. So, engage your community, send them to your site – full of great resources and information – and they’ll convert into leads.

Ok, that about exhausts my list of how Social Media can improve your Real Estate SEO. I’m sure there are many others that I forgot, but I have to get back to SEOing a couple of sites today. I look forward to your additions to my list. Leave them as comments please. Thanks.

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How long should my blog post be?

This is one of the top questions I get when we start a client out with a new blog. My answer is always the same, as long as you write with a purpose and bring across your point clearly your post can be as long or as brief as you want it to be. stressed-over-blogging

This of course depends on the type of blog that you manage. Is it tied to your business? If so, I recommend that you maintain a professional blog and keep the personal stories a minimum in which case all of your posts should have some kind of point to it. Thus, each blog post should have a few good, poignant paragraphs – and generally, don’t stress about it.

A few tips: go back to what you learned way, way back when. Hear that voice telling you, “Have a solid introduction, a body and a conclusion.” That gives you about three paragraphs right there. Make sure to include some links as references (if for instance a source is not well known, you will want to link to that site). You can also include an image or two (with the appropriate Alt Tag too of course). And voila, you are done!

Hope this helps take a little bit of pressure off your weekly to do list. Oh and look, three paragraphs and I made my point.

Happy blogging.

SEO 101 – How to SEO my Real Estate Blog

When it comes to managing and optimizing your blog there are some key factors that can help improve the performance of your blog tremendously. As you know by now, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. SEO includes technical tasks to make it easier for search engines to find and index a site for the appropriate keywords, as well as making a site more appealing to visitors. Successful search marketing helps a site gain top positioning for relevant words and phrases. When a website appears near the top of the search results for relevant search queries, traffic to that website increases dramatically. As a real estate business, Real Estate SEO can help you can acquire a great deal of leads by appearing high on the search results pages. Blogs in particular allow you to add new content on a regular basis and establish territory for your particular niche or market.

How do I SEO my blog?

Keywords: Do your research (search-trends and keyword competition/difficulty analysis) and use your keywords throughout your blog. We suggest, when appropriate, using some form of your keywords in your URL, title, content, links and tags for your post. An important thing to keep in mind is to make the incorporation of your keywords reader friendly. Don’t just cram the words in there, but use them in a way that will still make reading enjoyable.

URL: You know, that funny text that appears in your browser window, Http:// … Well most blog platforms like WordPress and Typepad actually let your edit what the URL structure or Permalink (as it’s sometime called) will be. URL naming is important because that is one of the pieces that search engines query as they gather relevant information based on a user’s search.

Basically it is much more powerful to have a URL be or (if your blog is in a separate domain from your website) rather than…

There is also a whole issue of canonical URLs – setting a primary URL structure – that I won’t go into now.

Eye Catching Title: The old adage that you only have a few seconds to grab someones attention with what you have to say still counts. Express what you are offering in your post to your reader upfront. Key things to remember, keep it brief, and keep it relevant and if appropriate use keywords. I’d suggest forgetting about being clever, we all know you can channel Johnny Carson, and instead focus on giving your readers something they are looking for (especially given market trends) like the “Top 10 mistakes home buyers make”, or “How to buy a house and close within x Days” …

Keep in mind also that most blogging platforms take your title and use that as a base for your URL, so unless you have the ability to edit your URL directly, you are stuck with your title as part of your URL.

Content: Foremost you want quality and relevant things to write about. Write about neighborhood news, celebrity sightings (trust, this brings in lots of traffic), housing market updates, featured properties etc.

Finding something to write about isn’t always easy. Be prepared for those days that you are too busy or honestly may just not feel like it. On those days that you do have time and inspiration and could write an entire anthology, write down extra ideas or thoughts for that rainy day. And look for inspiration where ever you can find it.

Last but not least, remember to review all content prior to making it public. It’s important to communicate your subject matter with authority, and nothing says authority like well thought out and grammatically correct posts.

Links: For usability and SEO purposes you want to link your article to other posts within your blog and also to other sites. As a rule of thumb, if you write about a site that is less familiar to the general public you should, as courtesy, provide a link to that site.

Gathering inbound links is equally important. You should have a plan in place for your blogs linking and submission. One place that I highly suggest you submit your blog to is Google’s Blog Search.

Social Media/Community: There is a saying in SEO that “content is king”, well … content is only a lonely King if there are no people to follow. Have some kind of “share this” or “add this” function available for a each post. If you are already part of the social networking community you can share your posts online and have others who follow you do the same. I recommend that each post you write you distribute it to other social media venues. Statistics show that about 1 in 20 posts that you publicize will actually go viral.

While blogging may seem like a lot, it is truly worth the investment. If you cannot or do not want to invest the time yourself, then invest in a service like our Real Estate SEO. The long term results are worth every penny…but I don’t need to tell you that just give it a try and see for yourself.

The politics of Real Estate SEO, make friends

Here are some great ways to improve your real estate seo. They’re not technical, they’re not hard to do, they just take a little charm and some tact!

  1. Make friends with other bloggers and real estate website owners. If you’re in a metropolitan area or a busy real estate market, there are bound to be other realtors who are focused on real estate seo. They probably have well placed websites and they may be blogging on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to make friends with them. Your goal will be to get links from their sites pointed at yours.
  2. Guest blog – Lots of bloggers would love to have you provide content to them. They know that with more quality content will come better real estate seo. So, all you need to do is give a little to get a little. Offer to be a guest writer. In exchange, all you want is a link back to your site. Another benefit is the opportunity to market one of your own listings. If you’re representing a unique property or a development, other blogs can be a great way to get some more marketing impressions.
  3. Trade leads and links – Lots of other real estate agents have sights. On their sites, there are lots of real estate listings. All of these listing pages help your SEO. So, most real estate agents and brokers just show every property they can, these could be in areas that they cover and some in areas where they don’t. They will probably be willing to give you their lead spillage if you provide the same in return. While you’re setting up that partnership, exchange links too. Why not?
  4. Make friends with local real estate writers. No you don’t need a PR agent, just use your personal network to befriend a writer for your local paper. Make sure they write about real estate. Take them to lunch or buy them a beer. Offer to provide quotes whenever they need one. They’re likely to publish your name, your company’s name, even a link to your site. This will certainly help your real estate seo ranking.
  5. Real Estate SEO is a lot like the industry itself. Referrals are a great source of business. Similarly, links are a great source of visitors. Remember that inbound linking is important to all SEO. I don’t know many people who would forget this. In fact, I know folks who think this is what it’s all about. Well, that’s not true, but it’s crucial to remember that Real Estate SEO is just like the business itself. It doesn’t work in a vacuum.

If you’re well connected, your real estate seo will go a lot easier, your career will progress faster, and you’ll be more successful in this game called real estate. SEO is not unique, it’s just a part of how you build your business.

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