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I wanted to let our readers know that I’ll be teaching a course on Website optimization and new media for the New England Association of Realtors. The classes are being held in Chelsford, MA. Follow this link for registration information. If you’re in the MASS/NH/ME area and you want to learn more about real estate seo and it’s role in your marketing strategy. This is a good opportunity.

The course is divided up into 4 sessions. Dates are: Jan. 12, Feb. 2, Mar. 16, and Apr. 13

Here’s what we’ll be covering in each:

Session #1: Web-based Lead Generation

  • Overview of the online real estate lead generation process
  • Essential tools to successfully incubate and close online leads
  • Understanding conversion rates
  • Search engine marketing basics
  • Email marketing basics

Session #2: Web Presence Management & Optimization

  • Search engine marketing strategy, beyond the basics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay Per Click marketing
  • How to make your website easy to edit
  • Blogging basics

Session #3: Online vs. Traditional Media

  • Understanding ROI
  • Conversions
  • Transparency
  • How to know which media is working and which is working better
  • Budget allocation

Session #4: Tech Trends & New Media

  • How we got to where we are today
  • Blogging, why it’s so popular, why it works
  • How to leverage social media
  • The impact of video
  • Why working together is so important

If you’ve been reading our Real Estate SEO blog and want to really gain a larger understanding of internet marketing and how it affects the real estate industry, this is a great opportunity. I promise that you will learn a lot.

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