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One of the best ways to get ahead of the content challenge is to find ways to use your time efficiently. Blog when you have the time. But who has the time?

I’m at Jiffy Lube right now. This means I’m sitting in a waiting room and I have some time to hop on my Blackberry 8830 and search for a way to blog. 1 google search and I found this app which allows me to link my blackberry up to WordPress, which is the system behind this blog.

Here’s a link to the app, click here using your blackberry and the device should begin to download for you.


There are also wordpress apps for the iphone and probably apps for most smart phones. Just do some searching and ye shall find.

So, in less time than it took to get the oil in my car changed, I’ve installed the Blackberry wordpress app and written a blog post. Just think of all the places where you could find yourself with a few minutes to spare which you could dedicate to you seo campaign.

As a real estate agent, you’re not alone if you are struggling to find the time to blog. Your real estate seo compaign depends on fresh content. We’ve been chanting the battle cry for years: content is king! Content takes time. This app will give you some time to write it!

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5 Responses to “WordPress for your Blackberry”

  • i really love the cool features of Blackberry. my hubby and i both have Blakberries and we use it all the time to communicate.

  • Holly says:

    i am still looking for a good SEO plugin for WordPress. my blog is not ranking high enought for the keywords that i wanted to rank.

  • david says:

    check out this post. I think it answers your questions about SEO for wordpress:

    SEO doesn’t happen over night or just by installing a plugin or two. You need to generate good content. If you blog on a well optimized wordpress blog twice per week for 3 months, you will start to see results!

  • Matt says:

    i have been using WordPress for 2 years but i still dont know how to do SEO using WordPress, is there an SEO pluggin for WordPress?.

  • david says:

    I wrote a blog post about the proper plugin to use to SEO your wordpress blog.

    Also, I highly recommend creating categories and tags using appropriate keywords. So, if you’re trying to SEO your blog for the term “Real Estate Marketing” you should have a category called “Real Estate Marketing” and make sure that any relevant posts are included in that category. Also, tag posts with appropriate tags, similar to the way you created categories. Don’t be afraid to create a number of categories and lots of tags. Most of the blogs we work with have dozens of each.


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